Alaskan Chaga Mushroom Tincture, Double Extracted w/ Ceylon cinnamon, 2oz.

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Chaga mushroom tincture is a double extract (meaning the "tea", aka a hot water decoction or concentrate) using alcohol to extract the bio-active compounds found in Chaga mushroom which grows on birch trees in northern cold climates. It has been used historically as folk-medicine for cancer, digestive system diseases, and various ailments in Russia, Alaska, and other northern countries. The conk that is used is made from a mas of mycelia that constitute the parasitic fungus. I started making mushroom extracts and studying mycology about ten years ago. I remain passionate about different mushrooms ability to positively affect our physical and mental health. Whereas some companies harvest literally thousands of pounds every year, we harvest well under fifty pounds per year and make each batch with love and intention.