Blue Greek Mountain Tea, Blue Butterfly Tea w/ Dried Ironwort, aka Shepards Tea, Organic Herbal Blend

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Blue Butterfly Tea is magical flower that pairs perfectly with Greek Mountain Tea.

Caffeine Free - Free of all Artificial Ingredients and Flavors - Sugar-Free - Vegan - Gluten Free - Organic

Blue Butterfly Tea is known for its quercetin content, powerful anthocyanins, and its ability to support asthma, inflammation, autophagy, and the imagination. It is widely considered to be an anti-aging plant and is a staple drink in many regions of Asia.

Greek Mountain Tea is a staple drink in Mediterranean diets. This organic loose leaf blend has been celebrated throughout history and is backed by research for its health-imparting qualities. It has a distinct taste that reminiscent of thyme but is not bitter at all.

The parts of Shepards Tea used are the dried flowers, leaves and stems of the native Sideritis plant which grows throughout the mountainous regions of Greece at very high elevations of typically 3,000 feet-ish.

Greek mountain tea, also known as Shepherd's Tea, is a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea. Consumption of Greek mountain tea dates all the way back to ancient civilization in Greece. Even the Greek philosopher Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, hailed its benefits for the immune and respiratory systems.