Blue Mint Tea 🍃💙⚕️

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💪 Anti spasmodic & anti-inflammatory 

🤗 May soothe upset stomach 

🚻 May ease ibs symptoms 

💤 Good sleep 

💨 Asthma symptoms 

🍬 Lower blood sugar 

💉 Oxidative stress 

🥗 contains quercetin 

😎 Cox-2 inhibitor like turmeric & ibuprofin 

“Chocolate Mint” is a cultivar of peppermint known for its’ “deep” and mentholated fragrance and flavor compared to standard peppermint. Blue butterfly tea (clitoria ternatea) has numerous effects as demostrated by scientific research and is famous for its bright royal blue color and chamomile-like taste.

It contains quercetin, an anti-inflammatory, cardio-vascular-supportive and anti-carcinogenic compound found in red wine, balsamic vinegar and red onions (among other foods, herbs etc). Its’ flavonols showed strong inhibition of COX-2 activity and suppression of ROS (reactive oxygen species aka oxidative damage).

Other Cox-2 inhibitors you might already know are turmeric and ibuprofin! It is also a potent blood-sugar regulator and very usefulfor anyone that wants lower blood-sugar. The anthocyanins inhibited nuclear NF-κB , iNOS protein expression, and NO (nitrous oxide ) production through an unknown mechanism.

It is known as a very relaxing evening-time tea all around the world and there is some research that suggests it may ease symptoms of upset stomach, ibs symptoms, allergy symptoms, and insomnia.