Herbal Coffee - Drinking Chocolate, Roasted Cacao Beans w/ 22 Raw Ingredients, Made in Alaska w/ Wild Mushrooms.

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This hot cocoa mix is made to be a slightly caffeinated, uplifting cocoa drink for tea lovers, coffee lovers, and cocoa lovers alike. This Alaskan drinking chocolate is made with:

Organic raw & roasted cocoa beans
Dried Lavender
King Bolete mushroom (Porcini)
Birch Bolete
Lions mane mushroom
Hawk-wing mushroom,
Fried chicken mushroom
Sheeps Head Polypore
Toasted Dandelion Root
Burdock root
Cardemom Pods
Ceylon Cinnamon
Star Anise
Soba cha (Roasted Japanese Buckwheat Tea)
Himilayan Salt
A Pinch of Cayenne

It's gluten free, vegan, sugar-free, free of artificial ingredients, all natural, hot chocolate super-powered goodness.

The Cocoa will strongly lead the flavors in this mix, creating a dreamy and uplifting combination of flavors, it does NOT taste earthy and mushroomy, all of the flavors compliment each other to make a complete, medium-bodied enjoyable brew.

Make one cup with water in a french press with a heaping teaspoon. Each 30 gram jar makes 6 cups. Add mct oil or honey.

All mushrooms wild foraged near Fairbanks Alaska, with the exception of cordyceps and maitake.