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This tea gift set showcases our Blue Butterfly Tea line. This magical flower makes for an unforgettable tea experience. Your cup of tea turns blue from blue butterfly tea, and each blend is loaded with beneficial and relaxing properties.

Free of all artificial ingredients. Gluten-Free. Vegan. Sugar-Free. Organic.

Each pouch contains 5 cotton tea bags.

We've paired blue butterfly tea with:


Japanese Roasted Buckwheat (Soba)


Chocolate Mint (a cultivar of peppermint).

They are all relaxing herbal teas that are great for after dinner or late evening. Enjoy warm or chilled. Make blue ice cubes, blue rice, etc. Each tea has an individual listing in this sample size and in bigger loose-leaf options in our shop if you just want to pick and choose, we have a lot besides only our blue teas to offer. If you order over $35 the shipping is free, even all the way from Alaska!